Always a friend…

Since I am the only one truly awake in the house right now I thought it would be best for me to write my feelings about my sons — two sons I have in my midst that are occasionally very hairy and attentive. My youngest just managed to crawl out of a dozing off stage and walked his small terrier figure to get some water from his bowl (Maverick). As he comes back he looks at me with his tired eyes and lays down next to mom (my someday wife Lindsey). And there rests Charlie, my larger and eldest son. His giant paws could tear into your skin if he was a malicious creature, but for a german shepherd he’s pretty mild. Both are over two years old and time seems just to pass my family by. I am writing this because I just watched “Marley and Me” once again. I made it through the entirety of the movie without crying this time. Well, I did until I got on here.

Anyone that reads this, please post a time that you felt the love of one of your special friends. My sons will always have a place in my heart, and I know I would do anything for them.

– darkglenn

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