“Bringing the Gulf Oil Spill to the Midwest”

I was primarily going to use this blog as an update for strictly game simulation and design, but other topics become too important to overlook. As a member/ co-creator of the group “Bringing the Gulf Oil Spill to the Midwest”, I wish to create even more awareness. Our mission statement is simple:

To raise awareness, to show that if we can’t be there, we can still support our country. No matter where we are, we can make a difference!

We had a demonstration at a local beach area on the Mississippi River. We have a few videos to share and picture display. The group is currently accepting donations in various formats such as: dish soap, pens, paper, and even first aid supplies. Donation sites will be made available, or anyone that wishes to donate directly can do so.

Check out our facebook group here.

– darkglenn

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