Global Game Jam 2011

On January 28th, the Global Game Jam was conducted world-wide. Over 1,500 games were created in 48 hours. This was a great chance for in/experienced developers to collaborate and compete for their local jam’s trophy. All assets needed to be publicly available at least a month before or created at the jam site in the 48 hour time constraint.

2011 Theme: Extinction

The group I was involved with created a prototype for a basic real-time strategy game. With the idea of extinction in mind, we thought that dealing with a virus had the potential to be really deadly. Somewhere around the 24-36 hour mark, the two main programmers in the group (myself and Dennis) branched off to separate game engines. The basis for this move was due to different machine specifications (Game Salad = Mac OS). Thus, I began developing our prototype on Game Maker.

My prototype is available to the public here.

– darkglenn

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